Why Your Website is not Ranking in Google?

Wondering why your Site isn't standing in Google despite all of your efforts?

In the following guide, I'll share with you that the 17 most frequent reasons your website isn't rank (and everything you could do to fix it).

Additionally, I'll tell you about:

  • The best way to rank Site on Google First page?
  • Website found although not Position
  • How can I get my site up the Google rankings?

If your site isn't ranking in Google search results or doing nicely, then the very first step would be to assess if your website is indexing in Google or not.

Proceed into Google.com and kind website: domain.com. Remember to replace Domain.com along with your domain .

If your website is located flawlessly in Google, it is time to follow the steps below and position your website to Google Search.

Why you are not Ranking high?

Why Your Site Isn't Position In Google Search Rankings?

Here are some common reasons:

Blog indexed although not Position?

At times it could take a week or two longer to index your site into the Google search engine. The reason behind this, your site is fresh and doesn't have any inbound links.

But if your site has inbound links, then Google will index your website soon. The Crawler utilizes inbound hyperlinks to index any website.

If you'd like a Fast Indicator to your website and need to view it at a Google Search outcome shortly, then add your website to Google Search Consolethen publish a Sitemap.

Sitemap has your site URLs and helps search engines to crawl your site nicely. But, it doesn't boost your search position, it can aid your articles to index and much better crawl faster.

Additionally, you can browse via the Google Search Console, The way your website is performing in Google Search.

Do not utilize Competitive Keywords

Should you utilize Single word or brief phrase keyword to maximize your site, then your website won't work better in search results. The cause of this is a single word or brief phrase keywords are extremely competitive.

Consistently utilize Keyword using four or five word phrases (long-tail key words ) with lesser competition and higher hunts. This makes your content more concentrated.

There are a whole lot of Keyword Finder tools readily available on the marketplace.

From the search engine that the "no index" label is used to block the website from indexing.

If you inadvertently added that the"no index" label to your website, this really is blocking your website by showing in search results.

Furthermore, if you're a WordPress user, and you utilize

No Quality Content

Should you copy/paste articles from a different blog or site, Google won't enjoy your website in any respect. It will diminish your Website Ranking or quit showing your website from search results. Even your website may also prohibit.

Additionally, should you write your articles and place a lot of or harshly key words in to it, then it's known as keyword stuffing.

By Way of Example,

If you're searching for best sports shoes, then don't look forward. Our manufacturer delivers the best sports shoes you may use for any use. You might even utilize the finest sports shoes for school or travel.

Google doesn't like material stuffing. The most important reason behind this is the fact that it generates bad experience on consumers.

You believe placing more key words in the articles is going to lead to more visitors to your website, but in fact, it really inverts your own website. This action leads to a website search penalty.

Additionally, attempt to compose long content (but don't write crap ). When compared with this brief content, Extended content plays better in search results.

Suitable headings and graphics are extremely essential in a long to your content. Otherwise, it is going to create your articles dull.

Assess manual Actions for Your Site

If your website is influenced by Manual Activity, Google stops displaying your website from Google Search.

All these Manual Actions usually happen when a site is included in illegal activities, spamming and deceptive or fishy pursuits.

It's possible to use Google Search Console to look it over. Whenever your website is penalized by Google, it is possible to see detailed data from the Manual activities tab. Additionally, you'll also be informed through email.

Ensure Google Finding and Crawling your site

Assess Crawl Errors
Assess the Robots.txt document
In the event that you lately transferred your website to some other domainname, which was doing well before. Can now rank poorly. To prevent this, use 301 redirects.

Create High-Quality Backlinks

When Google positions content, it subsequently uses Backlinks as a ranking element. Backlinks can set a large difference in your site ranking.

Improving domain power, Google site ranking and traffic are extremely important. However one thing to remember, if you create or purchase bad or low carb backlinks for your website, it may badly affect your site's rank.

Backlinks are essential to raise domain power, Google site ranking and traffic.

Always work to acquire high quality backlinks. 100 quality backlinks equivalent 1000 low traffic backlinks.

Below are some quick ideas to produce high quality Backlinks:

  • Publish High-Quality Content. Folks will automatically associate your articles.
  • Publish a guest article to other sites.
  • Set a Custom of interlinking.
  • Add your site to the Very Best Blogging Providers.
  • Publish your site article to Social bookmarking websites.
  • Publish your blog article on pdf and submit an application to record sharing websites.
  • Assess Your Website's Visibility Settings
  • WordPress is accompanied by an built-in alternative which lets you conceal your site by your search engine. This option is excellent for the new site.

But occasionally this option is assessed incorrectly. Because of this, the search engine stops indexing your website and your site isn't observable in Google Search.

If your site isn't looking in Google Search or isn't standing, then you have to assess this option. Simply log into your WordPress website and visit the Settings >> Reading webpage.

Ranking on Irrelevant Keywords

Should you utilize Irrelevant keywords then Google will not rank your site. Perhaps you've used a key word for your website which isn't associated with your blog or site.

By way of instance, you're working on a Food Blog but are discussing tech-related content that's completely erroneous.

Should you do so, then discontinue it instantly. Otherwise, your Google rank will gradually decrease and your website won't look in Google search results.

Algorithm Changes

In addition, this may be a reason for not revealing your website or not rank in Google search. Google constantly keeps upgrading its Algorithm so that it may provide relevant effects for consumer searches.

When Google updates its algorithm, several sites shed their Lookup traffic and positions.

Site not Ranking due to Competition

In the modern time, the contest has improved in blogging. Should you optimize your website correctly but nevertheless possess a Google ranking fall, then this may be the main reason behind the rivalry and your opponents do better than you.

It is possible to use the SEMrush instrument to observe your competitors' actions.

Poor Page Load Rate

Google uses site load time as a ranking element. If your website requires time to load, then you want to pay attention to it.

Otherwise, your website's rank will gradually decrease along with your website's ranking will change in the lookup outcome.

Fast loading site affects both your rank and consumer experience and plays much better at search results.

You can use PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom and GTmetrix tools to check your site loading rate.

Your Website is not Mobile Friendly

Over fifty percent of this search is in the smartphone. Thus, Google has begun using it as a ranking aspect to enhance mobile-friendly search success. Google has also developed a mobile-friendly testing instrument. If a programmer has created your site, then speak to him to allow it to be responsive.

If you're a WordPress user and handle your own site, simply put in a brand new WordPress theme that's responsive. Additionally, you may even use a plugin for it.

Poor Content Optimization

Your website isn't optimized for search engines, so this usually means your website isn't optimized correctly for SEO. If you would like to understand your site on Google's first page, then SEO techniques are your very best buddy. A suitable search engine optimization technique makes it possible to get a higher position in search results.

But, there are two Kinds of SEO:

On-page SEO
Off-Page SEO

Here are some quick hints about search-engine SEO (Quick Ranking Guide)
Concentrate on material quality.

Utilize the SEO-Friendly URL
Begin the Name with the key word.

  • Insert Modifiers to your name like "2019","best","manual","checklist","quickly" and much more.
  • Create your website mobile friendly.
  • Utilize Responsive Links (External Links).
  • Utilize internal links.
  • Enhance the site loading speed
  • Utilize long-tail key words and relevant key word.
  • Optimize your picture dimensions. Remember to rename the picture and insert your intended key words into the picture alt text.
  • Here are some quick hints about Off-page SEO (Quick Ranking Guide)
  • Produce a connection through Guest Posting and Email Outreach.
  • Publish your post to High-Quality Niche Directories.
  • Boost your social networking signs
  • Combine a question-answer website like Quora.
  • Reduction of hyperlinks

Whenever your website loses the hyperlink (backlink), then your website rank is significantly affected. Even your website can be removed in the very first page of this Google search result.

It is possible to use the Link Explorer, Majestic or Ahrefs tools to look at your site's backlinks. These tools offer you real time info and readily allow backlinks to examine the website.

Duplicate Content

Should you publish replicate content on your site, Google won't rank your site and blacklist your site also. Because of this, your website won't look in Google search results.

Consistently write unique and superior articles with detail and profound info. Aside from that, your essay ought to be interesting.


If you obey all steps then it is easy to position your site on Google First page. In case you have any queries, please inform us at the Comment Box. We'll attempt to answer as soon as possible and answer your query.